Take advantage of your confinement due to the crisis to enrich your knowledge of the accordion. Passionate accordionist and tuner for over 40 years, I share with you the fruits of more than 30 years of research.


Almost 3 hours of videos!
Tout savoir sur l'accordéon

Don't know which accordion to choose?

Tout savoir sur l'accordéon

Sick of searching the web for weeks to find fragmented, partial and often false information?

Tout savoir sur l'accordéon

Passionate, you want to know everything about the accordion?

Tout savoir sur l'accordéon

Want to tune your own accordion?

Tout savoir sur l'accordéon

Your stuck with a failure and don't know what to do?

Tout savoir sur l'accordéon

Want to save a chunk of money?

Tout savoir sur l'accordéon

Want to start a new business and be your own boss?

Tout savoir sur l'accordéon

Just imagine being able to fine tune your accordion without the need of a tuner!


I've been thru the same frustrations as you

I always asked myself why my questions didn't get any answers?

Hopeless, I wish I could find a person that could answer all my questions.

This is what The Accordion Guide offer you

A complete presentation of the Accordion

Mario Bruneau piano tuner

From: Mario Bruneau's Studio


I've been tuning pianos for more than 35 years and I apply this knowledge to accordions.

I know how frustrating it is to search for information on the accordion and come across so-called "experts" who fail to deliver.

Offers on the Internet abound but the fact remains:  the glaring lack of seriousness and competence often encountered. Especially those that offer you to learn accordion tuning with an eBook as sole support!

To hear and understand the different sounds of accordions, it is imperative that the sound and recording of the tutorial be nothing less than perfect. The videos in this Accordion Guide are technically perfect. No sound distortions caused by a badly "tuned" room. You will find only "broadcast" quality videos in this guide.

Choosing your first accordion is not an easy task.

Indeed, how do you know which accordion to choose if you don't even know the sound differences between accordion models?

It is not uncommon to end up with a first accordion that must be sold because it was poorly chosen.

"If only there was a product that would give me a full picture of the accordion and answer all my questions."

It is precisely in this state of mind that I've created ...

How to tune an accordion


  • You will be better equipped to choose your accordion according to the style of music you prefer
  • You will have the necessary knowledge and language to have your tuner understand your preferences regarding the accordion sound you are looking for
  • You will know the different stages of evolution which led to the accordion as we know it today
  • You will know the origin of its name, its history and its inventors
  • You will know how the accordion sound is produced to better benefit from it
  • You will learn why the sound of the piano accordion is different from that of the chromatic accordion
  • In the end, your knowledge will put you in an advantageous position to express your expectations to your accordion tuner
  • You will learn the basic principles of accordion tuning
  • You will know what tools to buy and how to make a tuning bellows
  • You will know how to use the excel formula to calculate the beat rates of the musette tuning


Castelfidardo, Italy is the world's accordion Capital. Click on image to visit my Castelfidardo page.


how does an accordion work

6 Videos

6 videos corresponding to the 6 chapters total.  Almost 3 hours of viewing that you can copy to all your devices to view them whenever and wherever you want.

eBook of the accordion

Complete eBook Transcription

The complete transcription in the form of an eBook of 170 pages easy to print and to carry with you anywhere, even on your mobile.

how to fix an accordion

MP3 Audio File

The complete transcription in MP3  audio file which you can listen to while driving your car for example.

How to tune the musette


If you act NOW, you will get the EXCEL FORMULA as a bonus to help you calculate the beating rates for the MUSETTE.

I am aware of your eagerness to learn quickly.
But it's because I respect you that I won't tell you stories unlike some who throw answers at you that are misleading
since they are not supported by any theory.

This is why this guide
will take you by the hand

from the very beginning to end of your accordion exploration and will provide you with a solid foundation from the start
which will support practice in the end.

Accordion Guide


You can buy with confidence, I take all the risks! I am confident that you will enjoy this guide like all those who bought it before you but if for whatever reason this guide does not meet your expectations, within 30 days I will refund your purchase in full no question asked.


You’ll find out that nothing is left unanswered. Everything is covered to give you a solid base. This guide is design to bring your from point A to point B without omitting anything.

I don’t believe at the approach of keeping silent the theoretical part in making you believe that the accordion is a simple musical instrument, aimed at amateur musicians. This attitude doesn’t service anyone. Neither you and certainly not the “expert” who delivers it.

There is a wealth of interesting theoretical knowledge that you will enjoy assimilating in order to know the accordion well.

Rest assured, I am good at transmitting knowledge. I am very curious by nature and science always fascinated me. You will see, I shall convey this passion to you and together, we will have fun!

So don’t be surprised if I teach you how to silently close a door as an example!



Dear Mario; I bought this guide; it is fantastic; even as an musician, I learned things that my teachers never taught me; I will have questions to ask, but will use comment forms of course...

Yves Jusserand

Far from being a pain in the ass your presentation is admirable. I was impressed with so much knowledge and scholarship. Fascinating as much as breathtaking and captivating. I remain speechless and full of admiration. Suffice to say that if I were in Quebec I would blindly and joyfully entrust my accordion to you. Almost deserves a little trip from Paris to Montreal.




Thank you Mario for this brilliant presentation. Max is almost going to be envious, he who is usually our "living encyclopedia"! I realize by reading you that decidedly, I really knew nothing about the accordion ... before I knew you.
  • $77
    per eBook
  • eBook
  • Easy to read
  • PDF Format
  • Convenient on your SmartPhone
  • Refunded if upgrade
  • $57
    per mp3 audio file
  • MP3 Format
  • Anywhere
  • Listen while driving
  • Refunded if upgrade


Even if this guide is quite advanced, it is primarily intended for accordion enthusiasts.

I don’t believe in the approach of "ommiting" the theoretical part by making you believe that the accordion is a simple musical instrument. It is because I respect you that I will not tell you any tales.

IMMEDIATE ACCESS! As soon as your payment on a secure server is completed, you will receive an email confirmation with the link to the download page. Since the guide is downloaded to your computer, you will have a 7/24 access to consult it at your own pace.

  • its sound for the type of music you prefer
  • bellows tightness
  • all notes should play
  • the quality of the reeds (a mano, typo a mano, etc.)
  • the brand of the accordion
  • a consistant pressure of the keys
  • the age of the accordion

You will find a list of the ONLY tools you will need and where to buy them.

The basis of this guide are the 6 videos but it also includes an easy-to-read eBook that you can read in a waiting room for example. It even includes an audio file in MP3 format easy to carry anywhere. Listen to the guide while driving your car, for example.  Not to mention the FREE Excel Formula offered as a bonus.

When you take an order to tune an accordion, you cant get away without making the necessary repairs so that the tuning holds and therefore, you will have to take this into account and charge in the $450USD (400€) range for a regular tuning. Be aware that you can expect charging a few thousand dollars for a complete restoration, but you will have to invest several days of work.

It depends on your skills and talents. In general, the first year, you will take NO amount to tune your friends' accordion. People are nice enough to let you "practice" on their accordion that charging them an extra amount would be unthinkable. But nothing prevents you from accepting tips from the start!

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As a Multimedia Accordion Guide client, you are entitled to a FREE access to privileged support. I answer ALL questions. Use the comment form below this page to ask any questions. I answer within 24 hours max.

It's like having your private teacher at a distance!

Order now and contribute to harmony in the Universe by playing and/or tuning an accordion today.

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  1. Mario Bruneau says :Reply

    Its finally here! Today September 20 2021, the Accordion Guide is available since a few months. Just click on the purchase buttons on this page.
    Get it in under 24 hours.

  2. Mick Hursey says :Reply

    Will this be available in English?

    1. admin says :Reply

      Hi Mick,

      Thanks for your interest.

      Today March the 28th, I am starting the translation of both the website and the complete Accordion Guide.

      You will be able to purchase it in few months.

      best regards

      Mario Bruneau

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