Accordionist Mario Bruneau at age 7


My first contact with music was with the accordion.

Piano tuner for over 35 years and I apply this knowledge to the accordion.

I've been tuning and modifying my own accordion for 20 years. My passion for the accordion led me to deepen my knowledge and in order to share my research, I created this website.

I also created this website in order to make you understand the accordion.

You will have articles on its history telling the evolution of its production. Where does it get its name from? Where does the musette style come from? What is this musical instrument that we call the musette and in parallel, I also offer an overview of the history of the musette, a musical style that I really like.

I will approach in simple English the concepts of "sound physics" and basic acoustics, useful to the accordionist. How does the human ear perceive sound and what are its imperfections? What is sound, amplitude (intensity), dynamics, harmonics, frequencies, beats, etc.? This knowledge will help you better understand your accordion.

In the MULTIMEDIA ACCORDION GUIDE, I have included a chapter on accordion morphology/shapes to introduce the different types of accordions. Why do they sound different? These are the kinds of details that will help you better choose your first accordion.

I will also share some of my best performance tips and give a brief overview of the latest technological advances.

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