How to choose your accordion

To choose your accordion, you must familiarize yourself with the coupler markings.

The accordion has registers that allow different timbres thanks to the combinations of reed stops. It is important to understand these registers to choose your accordion.

In this video, you will hear a series of different timbres corresponding to the registers of a 4 voices musette accordion.

In this accordion, there is no piccolo voice.

Here is the evolution of what can be heard on this video:

We start softly with the clarinet for the intro and the letter A (I deliberately excluded the 2nd A for more efficiency. We know that songs are almost all based on the AABA form)

Then, we use the light musette (violin or celeste) for the B

We return to the letter A again with the clarinet.

We use the “full musette” or old musette for the letter C then, at the end of this section, we have a very nice contrast when we come back to the letter A with the clarinet alone.




How an accordion work


Philippe Krümm

If you can read French, this book is a "must" Click on image to get it.


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Musette Accordion

Musette accordion for sale
There are pretty ZUPAN model accordions which are very beautiful and are a perfect match for playing musette. This one is made of rosewood.

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